Training Undies // 3T // Leopard


Measurements are as follows:

2T - Rise (top front of waistband to top back of waistband) approx. 14", waistband (unstretched) approx. 14".

3T - Rise (top front of waistband to top back of waistband) approx. 15", waistband (unstretched) approx. 16".

The body of the trainers are made with a soft knit fabric (95% cotton and 5% spandex). The absorbent sewn-in liner is comprised of 2 layers. The innermost layer is anti-pill fleece to slow down the flow of wetness as it is absorbed through the outer layer of bamboo/cotton blend fleece. These undies are not waterproof. However, the combination of the anti-pill fleece and the bamboo/cotton blend fleece will absorb and retain quite a bit of liquid, in comparison to regular underwear. Small accidents will most likely be held in the trainers and save pants and/or socks and shoes.

The fit of these trainers are similar to the fit of boy briefs. With thick waistband and leg cuffs, your littles will feel snug and secure. The wide sides help when toddlers and preschoolers are learning to pull their undies up and down on their own since there is less rolling and bunching.

**PLEASE NOTE: The stretchiness varies from fabric to fabric. Solid colours and stripe/solid combos have the most amount of stretch; some prints may not flex as much as others.**


  • Brand = Babe + Co.
  • Condition = VENDOR

Item Number: 4601-125

Item ID: 180267