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Founded in 2016, Hello Miz has been created by the callings of the people due to the lack of maternity wear that provides not only quality but style as well. Maternity wear has always been a more difficult market to step foot in being a niche market in the clothing world, but that did not stop the Hello Miz team from proceeding. Hello Miz has heard the demands of the need for more stylish and quality-driven maternity wear, which is why the team has decided to give the people what they want! Through countless trials and errors, Hello Miz has solidified their colors in becoming unique and different compared to other maternity brands. Not only are the clothes created at Hello Miz used for pregnant beautiful mothers, but it has been created to be worn pre, intra, and post-pregnancy. The team at Hello Miz does not discriminate and caters to all! Hello Miz truly believes that women should be able to feel and look beautiful at any stage of their lives, especially when they are about to give birth to a beautiful child.
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