Raw Baltic Amber Necklace - Milk Baroque 36cm


Raw not polished or treated. High quality rounded known as Baroque shape genuine Baltic amber beads. Every bead is individually knotted. These necklaces are not designed for chewing them with teeth. Parent supervision is recommended at all times when baby wears necklace.

+ Made with love and care.
+ Baltic amber is one of the most potent natural substances that can improve most of our common ailments such as anxiety and chronic illnesses.

+ Teething necklaces and bracelets are firmly knotted with sturdy twine, durable enough withhold toughest use.

+ Formed by nature, manufactured and delivered from Lithuania, the true amber origin.

+ Superior quality! Carefully handpicked, completely natural beads. Certified, genuine Baltic amber.
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  • Brand = True Baltic Amber
  • Condition = RETAIL

Item Number: 668-16

Item ID: 198618